Fernando Ruiz Granados was born in Mexico City in 1958.   At age 17 he moved to Xalapa Veracruz   México where he carried out his training and professional work. He received a BA in Spanish Literature from the Universidad Veracruzana with an academic thesis on the poetry of Jorge Luis Borges. His work has been published widely at home and abroad: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Spain, the USA, France, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Venezuela. His poems and books have been translated into English, French, Nahuatl, Polish and Arabic. Among his works are THE RITUAL OF THE VULTURE (Universidad Veracruzana, 1986), POEMS OF BRINDISI (Fondo Editorial Tierra Adentro, 1992), WORLD IN RESURRECTION (Col. El Ala del Tigre, UNAM, 1999), INVENT MEMORY: AN ANTHOLOGY OF FICTION AND POETRY OF SOUTHERN MEXICO (Editorial Alfaguara, 2004). His work has earned him more than 29 national and international awards including the Premio Nacional de Poesía Ramón López Velarde, 1990 (Ali Chumacero)   Premio Nacional de Poesía Jorge Cuesta , 2004 (Sergio Pitol) National Poetry Prize Jorge Cuesta, 2004 (Sergio Pitol)   Premio Latinoamericano de Poesía Plural , (Homero Aridjis) Premio Internacional de Poesía Salvador Díaz Mirón , (Hugo Gutierrez Vega) Plural Latin American Prize for Poetry (Homer Aridjis) International Poetry Prize Salvador Diaz Miron, (Hugo Gutierrez Vega).  His vast cultural work has led him to be the editor of literary editions, founder of publications, director of literary contests, and a central figure in countless events aimed at spreading the art of good writing.
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- by Fernando Ruiz Granados (Translated from the Spanish by Carlos Alberto Hernández Díaz)


This dove does not know floods
It knows nothing of arks
Nor of stone altars and holocausts
This dove ignores the light’s devastation
The impossibility of the word
Signs written and erased by the wind
Steps lost in the sand
It knows the abundance of the day’s brightness
Frothy waves of the sea
That utter its name
When fresh breezes blow
Rain that empties crowded parks
The evening’s half-dark portals
This dove like the world
Emerges from the half-light
Dawn’s white cities rise
From the whiteness of its wings
It's been ages
Yet it has not missed land
Where it might rest from flight

Translated from the Spanish by Forrest Gander
Time is a relentless mirror
Everything taking place in its reflection:

The light, the water, and every thing
That comprises the infinite
Its voice the caw of a bird
At night the susurration of sea
Against the stones
Sunset against the window
All ending all returning to fullness