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Oct 2009, Vol: 2, Issue: 3
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THE BLUE SAREE - Painting by Jogen Chowdhury

Jogen Chowdhury is one of the acclaimed masters of modern Indian art. He is most known for his dry pastel renderings of male and female nudes, often contorted and cut with wounds, but sometimes dreamily romantic, even erotic. One aspect of his mature style has been the use of cross-hatching. Though Chowdhury has created images with the use of simple and bold lines (that could be compared with the work of Keith Haring), his most coveted creations are the intricately cross-hatched figures that use a combination of dry pastel and ink.

Recently (June, 2009), Jogen Chowdhury’s ink and pastel composition "Day Dreaming" was sold at an auction at Sotheby, London for a record sum of US$609,629, establishing a new record for the artist Jogen Chowdhury’s work and also, a new auction record for a work on paper by a post-independence Indian artist.