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Dante Micheaux is an emerging poet whose work has appeared in various journals and anthologies. Micheaux has taught poetry at the Frederick Douglas Creative Arts Center in New York and he has been a guest poet of the LouderArts Project, The Church of St. John the Divine, the Publishing Triangle and City X-Posed. He is a member of the John Donne/George Herbert Poetry Society and his work has appeared in various journals and anthologies. His honors include a prize in poetry from the Vera List Center for Art & Politics, the Oscar Wilde Award and fellowships from Cave Canem Foundation and The New York Times Foundation.
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- by Dante Micheaux

Walking its long platforms,
awaiting the train to Kolkata,
I pray the bandh never ends,
that the engine, four cities away,
will veer off into a rice field or
plain of red clover outside a village.
A wild dog barks in the distance
and I am a breath closer to home,
that city of a different poverty
one without joy. The black
drongo in the Krishnachuda tree,
I would give my life for it.