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Nabina Das lives two lives, shuttling between USA and India. Her poetry and short stories have been published widely in literary journals and anthologies across North America and India. A second prize winner of a recent all-India Poetry Contest organized by HarperCollins-India and Open Space, she is a 2007 Joan Jakobson fiction scholar from Wesleyan Writersí Conference, and a 2007 Julio Lobo fiction scholar from Lesley Writersí Conference. An Assistant Metro Editor with THE ITHACA JOURNAL, Ithaca, NY, and a journalist and media person in India for about 10 years, she now freelances. An M.A. in Linguistics from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, her other interests are theater and music. Formally trained in India classical music, she has performed in radio and TV programs and acted in street theater productions in India. She blogs when not writing. Currently Nabina is working on her novel FOOTPRINTS IN THE BAJRA to be published by Cedar Books, India, by year's end.
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- by Nabina Das

Itís been long
letters did not arrive
in my name

like time infinite
I packed lunch, tied shoelaces
set out to work

pointing to a bush
on my way, casually saying,
itís a goldfinch!

Just when I eyed star fruits
in the tropical backyard
a crow ate them up all

Such diligence wavers
my daily dithering
for itís been really long

Lenin (perhaps) had asked Krupskaya:
do we need kids dear?
The Revolution is our verse

Likewise, itís been long
I havenít given birth
my verse has devoured my own.