(I may be late) (a gunwar is on)

(I may be late) (a gunwar is on)

                                                                                                                -Montana Ray

                                        (u can touch it) (he says bc I have breasts) (a heartbeat)

           (it’s not hard) (to turn into a movie) (not hard) (for men to become bad boys)

          (suddenly: everyone has tattoos) (the gun on his shin) (a blah blah blah

         from 1873) (u like guns?) (I like Billy the Kid)

        (the gun on his shin excites me) (cd it be

       pressed against my head)

      (when I say a dead boy)

     (& two gun tattoos)

    (I mean, the difference)

   (is a dead boy)

  (in the morning

 light) (it’s hard

to feel shame)


Note: This poem is taken from Montana Ray’s upcoming a book of poem “ guns & butter” from Argo Books